Head Coach:  Andy Brodziak  

Andy Brodziak from, is an accomplished triathlete and has competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2009 and 2011.  He also coaches age group athletes to Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Hawaii World Championships.

Combining a holistic approach with his unique mental strategy, Andy’s focus is on getting the very best out of his triathletes, regardless of the base level of expertise.  Andy’s focus on nutrition, injury prevention, resting and maximising individual potential makes him perfect for novice and experienced triathletes alike. Andy thrives on helping athletes achieve the seemingly impossible, and assisting budding athletes in realising their goals, while ensuring that the training process is as much fun as the rewards.

Andy is a Level 2 British Triathlon Federation coach, and an advanced Level 3 corrective Exercise Trainer. He has been Head Coach at HTC since 2016.

Richard Pennock (cycling, running)

Rich is an ex-competitive swimmer and rugby player, who turned to triathlon over 10 years ago and has competed in a variety of triathlons from sprint to extreme Ironman and represented GBR Age Group internationally.

Rich joined the HTC coaching team in 2015 as a Level 1 coach and has helped to develop the adult coached sessions within the club, mainly focussed around the club running sessions and, more recently, winter bike turbo sessions.  Rich completed his BTF Level 2 Coaching award in 2017, and will be taking the BTF Level 2 Diploma in 2019.   He prides himself on his sessions being fun and principally athlete-led, offering inclusivity for all, whilst also understanding the rigours of work and family balance to get the best from the athletes.


Ele Haresign – Coaching coordinator

Ele is an Ironman professional who moved to Harrogate in 2012 where the excellent open water swim venue enticed her to join the Club. Ele has a passion for long distance events and, after a spell of injury, is looking forward to getting back to racing in 2019. Ele works with the coaches to ensure all members can benefit from the high quality coaching that HTC offers. Ele can usually be found at the lake on a Monday night in the summer and is always happy to take suggestions and ideas for club coaching activities.


Head Coach of Junior Section – Paddy Craig

Paddy has been involved in the Harrogate Tri Club since he set it up in 2012 as a committee member, a coach and part of the Harrogate Triathlon events team. Paddy is a Level 2 coach who now leads the coaching for the Junior section. Paddy describes himself as a distinctly average triathlete, who took part in his first super-sprint in May 2010, where he spent time in transition waiting for the friend that he signed up with so they could cycle the bike leg together. Since then he immediately got the bug and has been hooked ever since, alternating his focus between multi-sport events and marathon running (which he runs in under 3 hours).  Paddy’s next big focus is Project 2021, the year he will turn 40 and enter his first Ironman. As part of his day job, Paddy represents the University of Leeds as a Board member and Company Secretary of the Leeds Triathlon Centre, which provides the infrastructure and training environment for one of the most successful triathlon programmes in the world for athletes including Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.


Paul Sinclair – supporting junior coach

Paul completed his first Ironman in 2005 and has competed in triathlon across all distances ever since. Along with a variety of other endurance events Paul finished the Marathon des Sables in 2017.

Paul is now looking to put something back into the sport that he has enjoyed for many years and completed his BFT Level 1 coaching qualification in 2017.   Pauls main focus is the junior section; where he puts a real emphasis on the junior members having fun whilst developing the skills to take part in sport, personal growth and being the best they can be.

Beth Winfield:  swimming

Beth Winfield is an ex-regional standard swimmer who now competes in triathlon and endurance open water swimming. Swimming competitively has been part of her life for over 15 years and will always be her biggest love. She quotes “Enabling people to feel how swimming SHOULD feel, fills my heart with joy; swimming should be made to feel easy so people can race harder.” Beth has specialised in this field for 6 years and also has her own endless pool facility based in Leeds.  Beth is a Level 3 Swimming Teachers Association (STA) swim coach and has a degree in sports development and coaching.  Beth joined the HTC coaching team in November 2018.

Aimee Bellwood

Aimee is a committed yoga who is a 25Ohr trained at the The Yoga Space in Leeds. To the triathletes she’s also trained with Sarah Ramsden who is the yoga teacher for Manchester United and Manchester City. Aimee is a keen advocate of yoga; the benefits of regular yoga practise are endless well documented. Her yoga classes are for men and woman who think they are too stiff for yoga – her classes are welcoming, light-hearted and are a mixture of restorative flexibility work and engaging strength to complement a triathletes training program. As a runner herself, Aimee appreciates DOMS and will go easy on you!!

Teri Knight

Teri has an honors degree in Sports Rehabilitation and has worked with a variety of athletes since 2006 ranging from beginners, professional footballers, rugby players and Olympians. Teri is a specialist is biomechanics and will help everyone achieve the full potential – technique provides the key to success. Every year over 60% of people who run 3 or more times a week get injured (2 out of 3 runners). The most common cause for injury is poor technique as most of us have never been taught how to run.

Diane Grandison – Swimming

Diane is a Level 3 swimming coach and ASA qualified Swim Tutor. Diane has been the senior swim coach for Harrogate Borough Council for 19 years; in addition she is Head Coach for the Regional and Yorkshire swim camps. As a swimmer herself, she is a qualifier at the National and British Championships as well as the regional and Yorkshire championships. Swimming is Diane’s life!

Supporting coaches

Louise Goddard and Julian Murray: Active members of both the adults section, and can regularly been helping out with the juniors swimming (Lou) and running (Jules).

Jane Holmes: One of our older members, Jane didn’t begin competing in triathlons until she was 60 at a Brownlee tri-a-tri event and now regularly competes in the GB age group team regularly.  Now having the time to help out  she likes to give encouragement and help to the younger members where she is a firm favourite.